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October 04 2014

Tags: idiocy

April 11 2010


Explosive boobs should be confined to mangas...

In the last few weeks, all of the Italian media (see, e.g., RepubblicaCorriere, and the pathetic excuse for a TV news programme TGcom) variously reported that al-Qaeda has a new dastardly plan.

The plan reportedly is to fill breast implants with explosives, which are "not detectable by airport X-ray machines". Now, besides the fact that any idiot should know by now (but, evidently, not journalists) that the airport scanners are magnetometers (i.e. they detect iron masses) and not X-rays, the whole threat is ridiculous.

Firstly, you need to be able to execute a breast implant with some stable chemical filler which can then be turned to explosive. Evidently, there needs to be either a mechanical/electrical trigger (which would be detected by magnetometers), or you need to inject a liquid (liquid ban, anyone? Huge syringe? Do you really think a woman can board an aircraft with two enormous boobs, a huge syringe and a bottle of chemicals ? You must be out of your minds).

In second place, there's a number of regions of the human body (let's say cavities, just to avoid being too colourful) where you can hide inert materials already. As demonstrated by the failed Christmas bombing, the problem is making things explode, not hiding them.

But not everyone is a counterterrorism or security expert, right? Well, everyone seems to be these days (I mean, some Italian ministries have even debated the high usefulness of full body scanners...), but there's something that as a journalist should trigger your "this is a huge lie" detector: the fact that the source is at least questionable.

Italian media talk about "english secret services", but actually everything comes from Fox news (c'mon, Fox is so reputable that some American friends call it "Faux news"). And the original source from Fox quotes "experts" of terrorism. These experts reduce to a single man, Joseph Farah, the editor of World Net Daily, someone who embrace the "Obama is not a legitimate president" fraud, and the source of Fox is discovered to be The Sun, the well-known tabloid. Here is a screenshot of the original "Sun" article, with a funny photomontage:

Thanks to Paolo Attivissimo for the background research to this short rant.
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